Monday, 14.06.2021


On his journey through Europe, from Stockholm to Bilbao and from Riga to Athens, the photographer Carsten Sander has searched for – and found – the humanity, emotionality and visionary power of the European idea. His camera has captured the full breadth of European experiences that transcend national borders and values and are shared by people in all of the countries he visited.

For his project FACES OF EUROPE, in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office, Sander photographs celebrities, politicians and athletes, as well as ordinary people that he happens to meet in the street. No differentiation is made regarding age, ethnicity or social background. Taken together, they are an extraordinary example of European biographies and an artwork about peaceful coexistence, tolerance and shared values.

As part of a co-production with the Berlin-based band SALZUFER, Sander showcases his portraits as artistic video projections in a large format – FACES morph and interlock – with incredible music as a live act and international voices that he encountered on his journey.
At the highest musical level, with a keen ear for the right groove and great spontaneity, the three musicians of SALZUFER, René Decker (sax, perc), Micha Ritter (git, perc) and Peter Schenderlein (key), create imaginative, progressive and wonderfully intensive soundscapes with their own unique sound – honest and original.

They have appeared on stage either alone or together with international artists for many years. Their large repertoire, which is never the same, always different and pleasantly surprising for the audience, is especially impressive.

With their new project VOICES, they present voices from all over Europe – including newcomers and established musicians from Lithuania, Malta, the Czech Republic, southern Spain and Portugal, among others. FACES & MUSIC brings the people of Europe into focus in a empathic way – interesting, multifaceted and simply extraordinary.